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SUSPIRIA: 48 icons! 
05:57pm 24/05/2008
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SUSPIRIA: 48 icons!
Dario Argento book for sale! 
05:10pm 04/12/2007
  I just listed my copy of Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento on eBay and I thought some of you might be interested. Thanks for looking!  
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01:00pm 09/09/2007

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Super Early Reactions 
09:50pm 02/08/2007
  Writer Reacts to Mother of Tears
Adam and I checked out a cut of 'The Mother of Tears' on Thursday and were blown away! The music and color correction aren't done yet, but the visuals are already amazing. It's not going to be crazy colored light like in 'Suspiria' - Dario was adamant about not wanting to repeat himself - but he's come up with some really great stuff, which promises to only get better once the digital intermediate is done.
Of course, that's from the screenwriter, so it's kind of tooting one's own horn, but still . . . here's to hoping!
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La Terza Madre 
12:26am 03/04/2007

In case anyone is wondering, La Terza Madre's Italian release date will be, quite approrpriately, Halloween of this year.

It also has been confirmed that aside from Mater Lachrymarum, Mater Suspiriorum and Mater Tenebrarum will also be in the film.

All I can say is: HELLZ YEAH!!!!

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05:39pm 17/02/2007

Brief clips from La Terza Madre

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La Terza Madre 
02:26am 11/01/2007
  La Terza Madre has no entered post-production.  It's release date for Italy is May 11th of this year.  An American release date has not been announced but as of now, should be released sometime this year.  
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05:44pm 28/11/2006

More info on the final Three Mothers film.

Firstly.  The films tentative tile Mother of Tears seems to be out and the film is now entitled: La Terza Madre or The Third Mother it also seems that the US working titled is Exhumed.

A synopsis found on IMDB reads as such:
The final installment of Dario Argento's "Three Mothers" trilogy. The film centers on a young American art student, Sarah, who "unwittingly opens an ancient urn that unleashes the demonic power of the world's most powerful witch. As a scourge of suicides plague the city and witches from all over the world converge on Rome to pay homage, Sarah must use all her own psychic powers to stop the 'Mother of Tears' before her evil conquers the world."

Casting is as follows:
Sarah Mandy -- Asia Argento
Mater Lacrimarum -- Moran Atias
Marta -- Valeria Cavalli
Michael Pierce -- Adam James
Padre Johannes -- Udo Kier (though he played Dr. Mandel in Suspiria)
Monsignor Brusca -- Franco Leo
Elise Stallone van Adler -- Daria Nicolodi (reprising her character from Inferno)
Uomo col Cappotto -- Clive Riche
Elga -- Silvia Rubino
Cristian Solimeno -- Detective Enzo Marchi
Coralina Cataldi Tassoni -- Giselle

Philippe Leroy and Massimo Sarchielli are also listed in the cast, but their characters are of yet unknown.

Max von Sydow unfortunately does not seem to be attached to the project anymore.

Also, Jessica Harper who had the lead role of Suzy in Suspiria is rumored to appear in the film.

Water Fasano, an Italian director and La Terza Madre's film editor, and Simona Simonetti, who maybe related to the film's composer Claudio Simonetti, are attached to the script along with Dario Argento, Jace Anderson, and Adam Gierasch.

AND OMG THE FIRST PHOTOGRAPH OF THE FILM HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!  And what could it be of?  Dario Argento of course, stabbing a beautiful woman to death.  G-d love the man.  This other page has a brief article about the film, but its in Italian, so I have no idea what it says.  But feel free to read it.

* Much thanks to my friend, Valentina, for showing me the link to the photograph and article 

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Just A Reminder 
11:17am 21/10/2006

The Television channel Bravo will be showing its 100 Scariest Movie Moments during the rest of the month in honor of Halloween.   Suspiria is number 24 on the countdown.  I also believe that Dario Argento himself comments about horror films in a couple of spots during the countdown.

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More Mother of Tears Information 
11:29pm 15/10/2006

Dario Argento's long-awaited Mother of Tears (or The Third Mother) is scheduled to start production this month.  Although no actors have been confirmed, Asia Argento (the director's daughter) is still attached in probably the leading role and Daria Nicolodi, Argento's long-term partner and Asia's mother, is also attached to the film.  Other rumored actors attached to the production are: 

Max von Sydow -- The Exorcist, Sleepless
Udo Kier -- Suspiria, Blood for Dracula
Chiara Caselli -- My Own Private Idaho
Valeria Golino -- Immortal Beloved
Coralina Cataldi Tassoni -- Phantom of the Opera, Opera

Writing partners, Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch (Toolbox Murders) are writting the screenplay along with Dario Argento

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Inferno Anaylsis 
12:55am 30/09/2006
  An Extremely Interesting Essay on Inferno  
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New Layout 
02:08am 16/08/2006

I think it's simple and classy.  And I am particularly proud of the "comment" links.  What do you think?

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News and Clips 
03:28am 07/08/2006
  From several sources, it seems that Asia Argento, Dario Argento's daughter with Daria Nicolodia (Elise from Inferno and in just about every other Argento film), is set to star in Mother of Tears

Also a few clips.  Now before you go to them...

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Mother of Tears 
01:48am 06/06/2006
  Just a little update about information for Mother of Tears.

Dario Argento is writing, directing and producing.

His brother, Claudio, is co-producing.

Claudio Simonetti is doing the score.  He's worked with Argento for many of his films including Suspiria.

One of the stars will be legendary Swedish actor Max von Sydow, who I must say is just an incredible, incredible actor which makes me so thrilled to see his name on the credits.  For anyone who doesn't know him, he's worked with famous director, Ingmar Bergman, in countless works including The Seventh Seal and The Virgin Spring, but is probably most famous State side for being Father Merrin in The Exorcist.
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Big news 
12:30pm 27/05/2006
  I don't know if any of you have noticed this yet, but the final "Three Mothers" film is finally going to be made. Argento is scheduled to start shooting it in Italy in June. The title is going to be "Mother of Tears".

Here's a link to one article about it, but I'm sure you could find more by doing a web search.

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Newb To The Mystery 
05:12pm 26/05/2006
mood: hungry
Hello everyone! I decided to put "the three mothers" on my interest list to see if anyone else had it on theres. To my surprise, the words were lit up in blue! I clicked the link and found this community. Believe me i was excited!

I recently got to see these films because i got too impatient to find out about these classic films and put them up at the top of my Netflix que! LOL! Now im enthralled with the whole universe!

I think it has soemthing to do with the trilogy being incomplete. I like to tell stories and not having one finished drives me crazy!!! I found out this guy who made them is still alive, i had assumed he had died and thats why the trilogy remains unfinished to this day. Id like to see the third movie made. If not by him, someone close to him that would treat the franchise with care.

I think i heard in one of the dvd interviews or something that Argento didnt like all the new technology that was coming out or something like that. So maybe he didnt think he could give his third movie the special look that he felt it needed? I dont know.

Anyway, im happy with what ive got anyway. Look forward to chatting with you all! :)
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Alida Valli 
08:12pm 22/04/2006
  Italian actress, Alida Valli (born: Alida Maria Laura von Altenburger) has passed away. Argento fans will remember, Valli as Miss Tanner from Suspiria and Carol, the caretaker in Inferno.  She also had roles in the French horror film Les Yeux sans Visage and American film noir classic The Third Man.  
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12:00pm 22/03/2006
  Three Mothers (spoilers)Collapse )  
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02:43pm 23/01/2006
  This is a community for Dario Argento and his Incomplete Trilogy of the Three Mothers, which includes his films, Suspiria and Inferno.

Discuss, review, and enjoy!
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