Jason (martheev) wrote in thethreemothers,

Newb To The Mystery

Hello everyone! I decided to put "the three mothers" on my interest list to see if anyone else had it on theres. To my surprise, the words were lit up in blue! I clicked the link and found this community. Believe me i was excited!

I recently got to see these films because i got too impatient to find out about these classic films and put them up at the top of my Netflix que! LOL! Now im enthralled with the whole universe!

I think it has soemthing to do with the trilogy being incomplete. I like to tell stories and not having one finished drives me crazy!!! I found out this guy who made them is still alive, i had assumed he had died and thats why the trilogy remains unfinished to this day. Id like to see the third movie made. If not by him, someone close to him that would treat the franchise with care.

I think i heard in one of the dvd interviews or something that Argento didnt like all the new technology that was coming out or something like that. So maybe he didnt think he could give his third movie the special look that he felt it needed? I dont know.

Anyway, im happy with what ive got anyway. Look forward to chatting with you all! :)
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